Nadir Kamil Omar(Captain)

Nadir, the captain of the team, is one of Eagles F.C.'s best players. His ability to score stunners from long range, dazzle the defence with his driving runs from the right wing position and deliver crosses into the box have proved him to be an asset for the team.His passing ,first touch and his stepovers are a treat to watch.His pace is simply unmatched by defenders and words cannot describe this eye catching talent!!!

Asad Tajammal Hussain

Asad, Eagles F.C.'s goalkeeper, is a good person but not a good goalkeeper.His keeping has cost us dozens of matches!!.

Mian Hamza Amer

Hamza has unique defensive qualities, he does not allow a defender to pass by him without a fight. He is a dedicated member of our team. Not the quickest player on the field nevertheless he can strike the ball well. He is an accomplished centre back and becomes a goalkeeper in times of need.

Hassan Raza Sheikh(Vice captain)

Hassan, the vice-captain of Eagles, plays as an attacking midfielder and excels in that position due to his vision and his strenghth. His ablility to dazzle the opposition with his immaculate passing, dribbling and finishing has proved him to be an asset for the club.A pure striker , hassan finishes every chance he gets

Mustafa Omar                            

Mustafa ,one of the best under 14 CDM in Lahore.His Dazzling through balls create chaos in the opposition defence.He is the only player in the team who play,s where ever the captain wants him to play.His goal scoring rate is exceptionally good as a CDM.Mustafa's lethal strenght helps him tackle each and every player on the pitch.A truly commited and vital member of the team.

M. Abrahim Shah

A blend of strength and good passing makes up an ideal central defensive midfielder and Abrahim neatly fits into this category. His pace and exquisite tackling ability makes Abrahim almost impossible to dodge. He has aspiring leadership qualities and is always there to boost the team in times when morale is low.

M. Fahad Salam

Fahad is the left back of the team and till yet has not dissappointed. His pace, accurate passing, sliding tackles which are as clean as a whistle, and impressive ball control make him an ideal left back who tries his best to win the ball back in the crucial stages of the game. One of his remarkable qualities as a left back is that he owns the right wingers of the opponent. 


M. Taimur Ali Ahmad

He is not the quickest but makes it up with his awesome tackling and dedication.He always gives his 110 percent for the eagles.Taimur has made us proud!.

Zarnaab Adil

His brute strength and never say die attitude have made Zarnaab an ideal centre back who does not let anyone pass him without a fight. Despite being a weak dribbler, Zarnaab makes up for it with a powerful shot and is an important member of the squad who does not let the opponent cause trouble to the team's defence.

Farooq Zahid

Along with his unorthodox style of defending, when called upon farooq always proves himself to be an asset in defence.A lethal combination of excellent passing, sublime dodging and an aggressive nature farooq has proven his mettle time and again by putting up a fight against even the most skilled attackers

Daanish Izhar

Youth is on his side as he is the youngest player in the team. Despite his age, he is brilliant at the centre of the park. Danish can strike the ball well, can score and can deliever perfectly measured through balls. He is always there when the team needs him.

Bilal Hussain

Bilal's speed and stamina make him a winger who can play on either sides. Despite his lack of techniques, he has proved himself to be a dedicated member of the squad who is always there when the team needs him, but has sadly left the team to play proffesional football in Glasgow.

 Daniyal Jamil Ahmad

DJ, the right back and the centre forward of the team is an amazing player. He is essential part of the team and he has proved his worth to the team. In the defense, his phenomenal sliding tackles stop any striker from taking a shot, in strike, his marvelous speed and strength can surpass any defense and whenever he has the ball, there's always a certified goal. He works well with Sheroze Shafqat and Nadir Omar and Nabhan. He has till now, scored 2 goals in every match he has taken part in.

Shahroze Shafqat

Shahroze is the only player in the team who can play anywhere on the pitch,from goalkeeper to striker.But he loves to attack therefore he loves the attacking midfield role.Shahroze has the ability to change a game in an instant with his never 'give -up' attitude.He connects well with Nadir's set pieces thus 20 percent of his goals are from set pieces by Nadir.He turned around a game against Nightingales by scoring 8 goals!!!..

Nabhan Kamran

Eagles F.C's latest signing Nabhan Kamran has already proved his worth to the club with a marvelous display against Known to Own F.C.The secret in his dribbling ability lies in his great freestyle.A great team player jo 'team ka sochta hai' (who thinks about the team).He listens to what the captain says.He is also a great set-piece taker and is the ideal left winger.He is an asset for any team he plays for.




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