Eagles F.C. vs. Leopards F.C. - Victory

The fixture against Leopards F.C. was won by Eagles 4-0. The captain, Nadir Omar, scored an absolute stunner from long range to give Eagles an early lead. Despite foul play by the Leopards, Eagles increased the score line to 2-0 by a sweet finish by Hassan Raza Sheikh to beat Daniyal Tahir. After Hammad Bashir tapped the ball in to a teasing Zayed Kardar cross, the match was virtually over. This was the clean sheet for the Eagles defence and goalkeeper, Asad Tajammal Hussain, who with the help of the likes of Zarnaab Adil and Farooq Zahid restricted Leopards to score.

Eagles F.C. vs. Deadly Alliance - A Major Setback

Unfortunately, this match was lost by Eagles F.C. 2-1. Deadly Alliance scored their opening goal when Bilal Hussain's shot beat Eagles' keeper due to some poor keeping. However, there was nothing to divide the two teams at half time when Hassan Raza Sheikh scored a screamer   against Deadly keeper Mian Hamza Aamer. Due to lack of coordination in the defence, Deadly captain, Asmar Aqdas, tapped in another goal. Played in floodlights, the match was lost by Eagles F.C. Mustafa Aqil Omar and the captain Nadir Omar alongside some other players played exceptionally well.


Eagles F.C 4 - 8 F.C Galaxy

Eagles F.C 15-10 Nightingales(Shahroze Shafqat scored 8 goals)

Eagles F.C  3 - 4 Crosspros F.C

Eagles F.C 4 - 5 Farid's Team

Eagles F.C 5 - 2 F.C Galaxy(Crosspros)

Eagles F.C 5 - 5 G-unit

Eagles F.C 0 - 7 Blades

Eagles F.C 5 - 4 Leopards

Eagles F.C 2 -1 Leopards

Eagles F.C 2 - 2 Leopards

Eagles F.C 8 - 2 Nightingales

Eagles 0 - 0 Galacticos(Eagles lost 5-4 on penalties)

Eagles F.C 15 - 3 LPC

 Eagles F.C 8-8 Known To Own F.C


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